KidCo Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

Review of the great pressure mounted auto close gate from KidCo


Today we will be taking a look at one of my favorite baby gates, the “KidCo Auto-Close Gateway Pressure Mounted Gate”. Believe it or not, that is actually the real name of the gate.

Anyway, this may actually be the best pressure mounted gate available today. Its security system is really good. The main feature of this gate is its auto close function and that is what I will be giving most focus in this brief review.

A Self Closing Gate

Forgetting to close the gate will never be a problem with this gate. Utilizing a Magnet Lock Technology that automatically draws the gate to a closed position makes this the gate for anyone that has a habit of forgetting things. This system also guarantees that the gate is locked safely everytime it closes. What if you want the gate to stay open? No problem! There is also a function to keep the gate open if you want that. This is simply done with the push of a button.

Other features

This gate is pressure mounted so that you dont have to worry about damaging walls or bannisters with nasty screwholes. Just place it where you want it and adjust the pressure screws to that it is secured tight against the wall.

Smart and easy extensions are available if you have an opening that is to wide for the gate in its standard form. With extensions you can use it in openings up to 47.5″ wide.

Made from durable steel that will make it last a long time. This is not a gate that you need to worry about. It will stay the same for years to come. Kids playing can sometimes be hard on a baby gate, but with the steel frame that is used on this gate you dont have to worry about that.

Features summarized

  • Auto closing function
  • pressure mounted for easy installation
  • Extensions available
  • Made from steel
  • can be fit in openings up to 37 inches without extensions
  • up to 47.5 inches with extensions
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Height: 29 inches


A great gate! Can be used for almost any need imaginable. I can mention stairs, doorways, hallways, (temporary) outdoor, and many more. If you want a gate you can trust, this is the one i would recommend for you.