Do I need an outdoor baby gate?

A few tips for using a baby gate outdoors and some reason why you actually need one.


Today I want to say a few words about using baby gates outdoors.

For many people the thought of installing a baby gate outside the house has never crossed their mind. And for most of these they do not have to think about it because they dont have any outdoor areas that require the security that a safety gate provides.

However, there are situations where you should strongly consider getting one.

  1. Stairs leading from porch to yard
  2. Areas where you have food preparing devices (for example a grill)
  3. Openings that lead out to a road or another place that has car traffic
  4. Sealing of a general area to avoid your baby to get out

These are the four most obvious reasons to install a baby gate outside, but you can probably name a few more from the top of your head.

Are there any differences between an indoor and an outdoor baby gate?

Visually they are the same, but there are some key differences that you should know of.

First of all, you should make sure that the gate that you will be using can withstand being exposed to the elements.

It is a totally different story to be inside where it is dry and nice than being outside in the rain, snow, sun and wind.

So, if you are considering a gate where som or all of the parts are metal, you have to make sure that these parts are made from some kind of corrosion free material.

This can also be achieved by using one of the many all-plastic models that are available.

Secondly, an ouside gate will have different aestetic demands. A color that resembles wood or another color that makes it blend in nicely. There are a few gates that are especially made for outdoor use, and the usually come in these colors.

A last thing I want to mention here is that you can mount an extra set of brackets outside for the gate that you already have indoor. This way you can clip it of and move it to the location that you want it whenerever you need to. Of course, to do this you need to have a gate that can easily be clipped on and off the brackets.