Where to Use Baby Gates

This post gives some examples of where it is useful to install baby gates in your home.

Once you child is at the age where it is mobile, you need to start introducing safety measures in your home. One of the best ways to make sure your baby stays out of dangerous areas is to mount baby gates. These are products that you use block off openings.


The most obvious place to have them is at the top or bottom of stairs. A baby falling down stairs can be very dangerous and in some cases deadly. So the top of stairs is probably the most important place to install a baby gate.

Why at the bottom of stairs then? Well, toddlers just love to explore new places and they love to climb. This makes the stairs particularly interesting to them. As you can imagine, If they climb all the way up the stairs, it is just as dangerous as if they were at the top from the start.

Another reason to block the stairs is that you can be sure that the baby stays on the same floor as you at all times. For stairways you want to use a really sturdy and rigid gate. This is especially true for the top. A gate that is flimsy or just not strong enough can actually make the situation more dangerous than it already is.


Installing a gate around your fireplace is also essential. I guess i don’t have to mention why fireplaces are dangerous to small children. The gates that are used for fireplaces are usually different from the ones used to block stairs or doorways. First of all they need to be longer. Secondly they need to be able to bend. This, however, is dependent on the geometry of your fireplace. Either way, be careful to find the gate/fence that fits your fireplace best.

The kitchen is another room that often can be dangerous for toddlers. Falling pots and pans is one thing. Another thing is the hot stove. The easiest way to secure your kitchen is by installing a baby gate in the doorway leading in to the kitchen. This way the child will not be able to get in at all. There are plenty of different gates that work great for sealing of doorways. I myself prefer to use retractable gates in spots like this.


The last type of gate that I want to mention in this post are play yards. Sometimes these are also referred to as play fences. You would use them to set an entire perimeter around the area that you want your child to stay in. Usually this area would be quite small. This is excellent if you have many hazards around the house and haven’t had the time to child proof them yet.

So, that is it for this short post on different uses of baby gates. I will be back with some reviews soon. Please let me know if you have a particular gate that you want me to review and i will try my best to do just that. Until next time, keep both yourself and your baby safe.