Fireplace Baby Gates

A fireplace injury can be a terrible thing. Avoid it at all costs!

I heard a story about a toddler who had been severely burnt the other day. He was just playing in the family living room, when he accidentally tripped and fell onto the fireplace.

Now this is something that all parents need to be very careful with. It is a terrible way to be injured and it is very easy to avoid.

You may have read about a few different ways to secure a fireplace for babies, but in my opinion there is only one way to be absolutely sure that your children does not get injured this way. By installing a safety gate around the fireplace. (Of course, you could just not use it at all when your children are small, but that is not necessary)

By using a fireplace safety gate you keep your toddlers from getting anywhere near the dangerous area.

I have a one suggestions on which gate you can buy.

Suggested fireplace safety gate

KidCo Auto Close Hearth Gate

I have used two other versions of the Auto-close gates. They are really good. If you forget to close the gate after using it, it takes care of it self. This is really great for parents (like me) that have a habit of forgetting stuff. Also, you can shape this gate/fence almost anyway you like. Out of the box it has four sets of walls, but you can buy more to get the shape that you really want. With this gate I would feel completely safe having a fire while my kid was playing nearby.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Most other sites that talk about baby proofing also recommend this exact gate. Just check out this article about finding the best fireplace gates for babies at safebabygate.

Do I need an outdoor baby gate?

A few tips for using a baby gate outdoors and some reason why you actually need one.

Today I want to say a few words about using baby gates outdoors.

For many people the thought of installing a baby gate outside the house has never crossed their mind. And for most of these they do not have to think about it because they dont have any outdoor areas that require the security that a safety gate provides.

However, there are situations where you should strongly consider getting one.

  1. Stairs leading from porch to yard
  2. Areas where you have food preparing devices (for example a grill)
  3. Openings that lead out to a road or another place that has car traffic
  4. Sealing of a general area to avoid your baby to get out

These are the four most obvious reasons to install a baby gate outside, but you can probably name a few more from the top of your head.

Are there any differences between an indoor and an outdoor baby gate?

Visually they are the same, but there are some key differences that you should know of.

First of all, you should make sure that the gate that you will be using can withstand being exposed to the elements.

It is a totally different story to be inside where it is dry and nice than being outside in the rain, snow, sun and wind.

So, if you are considering a gate where som or all of the parts are metal, you have to make sure that these parts are made from some kind of corrosion free material.

This can also be achieved by using one of the many all-plastic models that are available.

Secondly, an ouside gate will have different aestetic demands. A color that resembles wood or another color that makes it blend in nicely. There are a few gates that are especially made for outdoor use, and the usually come in these colors.

A last thing I want to mention here is that you can mount an extra set of brackets outside for the gate that you already have indoor. This way you can clip it of and move it to the location that you want it whenerever you need to. Of course, to do this you need to have a gate that can easily be clipped on and off the brackets.

How my Aunt Did a Classic Baby Gate Mistake

A classic baby gate mistake? What the heck is that?!

Well, this is a mistake that I have seen many times. I might have done this mistake myself a few years ago, but luckily i know better now.

And to make things worse, if we look a bit closer the mistake can actually be mentioned as two mistakes.

Alright, get on with the story already!

My aunt

My aunt recently became a grandmother. Therefore she has to make the house ready for the her new grand-daughter.

She has done all the normal stuff like making sure all electrical sockets are secured, taking steps to avoid the baby to get burnt on the stove, etc.

A few days ago she called me up and asked me if I had any suggestions for her regarding her stairway.

She has a narrow stairway with hard wooden boards that looks really uncomfortable to fall on. These stairs leads down to the basement where she has some kind of a TV room for her youngest son who is 15.

Anyway, because the baby will only be upstairs, i suggested that she installed a baby gate at the top of the stairs. I also said, thinking of safety, that she should not get a pressure mounted baby gate. These are not the safest to install at the top of stairs as the mounting is not as sturdy as with hardware mounted gates.

She really liked the idea and said that she would go out to buy one right away.

Knowing my aunt I expected her to call me for help with installing the gate, but to my surprise I heard nothing from her.

So yesterday I decided to go over to her place to ask if she needed a hand.

Retractable Gate

She smiled a bit more than usual when she welcomed me in.

When we walked down the hallway she said that she had something to show me. (Yes, i did understand what she had done, but i chose to play along.)

At the stairway, the gate was (of course) mounted.

She was so proud that she had accomplished it all by herself.

To be honest, she had actually done a pretty good job with mounting it. It does require a bit of skill aligning the parts and screwing the screws in. (Aunt, if you are reading this, i am not being ironic here. You did a good job with mounting.) (Sorry for writing this by the way :))

I immediately saw two problems that was so severe that we actually had to take the gate down.

The first problem was that she had installed a retractable gate here. Some people mean that it is OK to have a retractable gate at the top of their stairs, but i do not like it at all. Children leaning against the mesh fabric is like waiting for an accident to happen. It might not be a problem, but she would not feel comfortable with it. When dealing with the safety of a child, it is much better to be safe and secure than sorry.

The second (and most severe) problem was that she had mounted the gate above the baseboards. This left an ugly gap between the mesh fabric and the floor. It was big enough for a child to get under with ease.

Getting a New Safety Gate

I contemplated on how i should bring this up. She was so proud, and i did not want to give her the hammer, so to speak.

Luckily, she took it really well and agreed that we had to return the gate and get something that was better suited for the task.

She ended up with the Stairway Special from Cardinal Gates, one of my favorites.

I decided to let her mount the gate herself this time as well.

She once again did a wonderful job with the mounting, and with being a bit wiser she now has a perfect baby gate at the top of her stairs.

I did not write this to talk about my aunt.

I wrote it so that you guys (my imaginary readers) will not do the same mistake yourselves.

Lessons From the Story

So what is the lessons here:

  1. Do not use retractable gates at the top of stairs
  2. Make sure that the gap below the gate is as small as possible
  3. If someone asks you for advice on the same problem, be sure to tell it to them

KidCo Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

Review of the great pressure mounted auto close gate from KidCo

Today we will be taking a look at one of my favorite baby gates, the “KidCo Auto-Close Gateway Pressure Mounted Gate”. Believe it or not, that is actually the real name of the gate.

Anyway, this may actually be the best pressure mounted gate available today. Its security system is really good. The main feature of this gate is its auto close function and that is what I will be giving most focus in this brief review.

A Self Closing Gate

Forgetting to close the gate will never be a problem with this gate. Utilizing a Magnet Lock Technology that automatically draws the gate to a closed position makes this the gate for anyone that has a habit of forgetting things. This system also guarantees that the gate is locked safely everytime it closes. What if you want the gate to stay open? No problem! There is also a function to keep the gate open if you want that. This is simply done with the push of a button.

Other features

This gate is pressure mounted so that you dont have to worry about damaging walls or bannisters with nasty screwholes. Just place it where you want it and adjust the pressure screws to that it is secured tight against the wall.

Smart and easy extensions are available if you have an opening that is to wide for the gate in its standard form. With extensions you can use it in openings up to 47.5″ wide.

Made from durable steel that will make it last a long time. This is not a gate that you need to worry about. It will stay the same for years to come. Kids playing can sometimes be hard on a baby gate, but with the steel frame that is used on this gate you dont have to worry about that.

Features summarized

  • Auto closing function
  • pressure mounted for easy installation
  • Extensions available
  • Made from steel
  • can be fit in openings up to 37 inches without extensions
  • up to 47.5 inches with extensions
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Height: 29 inches


A great gate! Can be used for almost any need imaginable. I can mention stairs, doorways, hallways, (temporary) outdoor, and many more. If you want a gate you can trust, this is the one i would recommend for you.

Where to Use Baby Gates

This post gives some examples of where it is useful to install baby gates in your home.

Once you child is at the age where it is mobile, you need to start introducing safety measures in your home. One of the best ways to make sure your baby stays out of dangerous areas is to mount baby gates. These are products that you use block off openings.


The most obvious place to have them is at the top or bottom of stairs. A baby falling down stairs can be very dangerous and in some cases deadly. So the top of stairs is probably the most important place to install a baby gate.

Why at the bottom of stairs then? Well, toddlers just love to explore new places and they love to climb. This makes the stairs particularly interesting to them. As you can imagine, If they climb all the way up the stairs, it is just as dangerous as if they were at the top from the start.

Another reason to block the stairs is that you can be sure that the baby stays on the same floor as you at all times. For stairways you want to use a really sturdy and rigid gate. This is especially true for the top. A gate that is flimsy or just not strong enough can actually make the situation more dangerous than it already is.


Installing a gate around your fireplace is also essential. I guess i don’t have to mention why fireplaces are dangerous to small children. The gates that are used for fireplaces are usually different from the ones used to block stairs or doorways. First of all they need to be longer. Secondly they need to be able to bend. This, however, is dependent on the geometry of your fireplace. Either way, be careful to find the gate/fence that fits your fireplace best.

The kitchen is another room that often can be dangerous for toddlers. Falling pots and pans is one thing. Another thing is the hot stove. The easiest way to secure your kitchen is by installing a baby gate in the doorway leading in to the kitchen. This way the child will not be able to get in at all. There are plenty of different gates that work great for sealing of doorways. I myself prefer to use retractable gates in spots like this.


The last type of gate that I want to mention in this post are play yards. Sometimes these are also referred to as play fences. You would use them to set an entire perimeter around the area that you want your child to stay in. Usually this area would be quite small. This is excellent if you have many hazards around the house and haven’t had the time to child proof them yet.

So, that is it for this short post on different uses of baby gates. I will be back with some reviews soon. Please let me know if you have a particular gate that you want me to review and i will try my best to do just that. Until next time, keep both yourself and your baby safe.

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